• • • Living In A Nightmare • • •

Hello Friends & Followers: I thought it was time for me to stop by and let you know how my Family is.  

1st: March 2015 – CPS comes into our lives and ruins our lives. They took our Granddaughter for no good reason. CPS made us spend money we did not have. Got us thrown out of the place we were living at due to their lies. We were forced to move into this Apartment from Hell !!! I asked questions about the Apartment.  Since Cleveland has had a huge problem with “Bed Bugs”.  The Biggest Question I asked was. Does This Apartment Have “Bed Bugs” ? The Landlords said “NO” !! They lied though their teeth just to get this Apartment RENTED !!! How Sad 😦 😦 !!! 

2nd: How do you live in an Infested Apartment ? We have tried to Clean and Get Rid Of Them !!! They keep coming back !!! Without the Landlords helping !!! They have refused flat-out !!! I have called our “Health Dept. They did nothing to them !!! It is not easy when you have Fibromyalgia !! Which is an Autoimmune Disease !! My body is full of “Bed Bugs” bites and scares now !!! My Husband suffers from Parkinson’s and works his ass off for the Family. Now he is forced to sleep in a bed that is Infested !! Our bed is 100 % Full !!! How do you watch your Husband of 31 yrs sleep that way without crying 😥 😥 !!! My Family doesn’t deserves this !!! My Husband and I are getting old. My Daughter that lives with us doesn’t deserves this at all !! Nobody doesn’t deserve this kinda of Treatment from Landlords !!! They could care less 😦 😦 !!! 

3rd: I am losing my Faith in Humanity !!! I sent up a GoFundMe Account up about 3 months ago to get out of this Apartment !!! Nobody cares !! The “Bed Bugs” have ruined all of our Furniture !!! We are a Poor Family !! We can’t afford to buy new stuff !!! What do we sleep on or sit at when we get a new place !!! ??? How do people just close their eyes and not see what is happening to My Family !!! ??? All I am asking for is a little Help !!! Someone Please Help Us !! ??? 

4th: My health is not good. The Fibromyalgia is taking over my body more and more each day. My pain is so bad that all I want to do is “Hide” !!! One this you all should know about having Fibromyalgia !!! There are three thing we can’t live without !!! 1. Good Comfy Chair To Sit In 2. Good Warm and Clean Bed To Sleep In 3. Warm and Clean House or Apartment to live in !!! All of that has been taken away from me due to the Infestation of the “Bed Bugs” !!! That is No Way To Live !!!

5th: In Closing: My Family and I don’t deserve to live this way. We are a good Military Family !! Go Navy 🙂 Good in our Neighborhood !!!  We have never been in any kinda of Trouble !!! All we are asking is for people to help us out ? We did not ask for this problem !!! The Landlords did not do their JOBS !!! As I said before !!! They could care less about us !!! If you can help !!! I am leaving our GoFundMe Account Info in this blog posting !!! Thank you for reading my blog !!! Try to have a good week !!! Hugs & Love To You All Xo  Thank You 🙂 Bye Mary   


Living Nightmare
Living Nightmare



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