Hello Everyone: I thought I would tell you how my life is going. We had a CPS problem last year. They took my Granddaughter in May 2015. What CPS did to us would make you all SICK !!! One thing they did was make us so poor. We had to move out of our good house into a very crappy house. This Crappy House Turned In A Living Nightmare !!! Here is the list: 1. We did not know the house had “Bed Bugs” in it. 2. Mold growing between the Apartments. 3. The Floor Boards are really bad. 4. Totally unsafe for my Granddaughter to come visit. 5. We have lost all of our Furniture to the “Bed Bugs” !!! Some of our Furniture I am have since BIRTH !!! It is all gone now. 6. The Landlords could care less about us. 7. This last weekend we got a flood of water in the basement. Which we got blamed for. We had nothing to do with it. 8. We have drug dealers breaking into the basement to deal their drugs. I told the Landlords. I have call the Police. 9. The thermostat in the house doesn’t work right at all. It is so cold in here I can see my breath. The Heater in this house is not balanced RIGHT. ( I suffer from Fibromyalgia and I need to stay WARM.) 10. Now I am watching my Sweet Husband work his butt off. Then come home and sleep with the “Bed Bugs” !!! 11. We have the funds to move now. Nobody wants us. DUE TO THE CPS CRAP. !!! All my Family wants is a good place to live. Warm and Dry for me to feel better !!! Nobody Deserved To Live Like This !!! My Husband and I are both disable. He has Parkinson’s and still works everyday. I have called everyone I know that could help us. Nobody wants to help. They could all care less. This is what my thinking has become. NOBODY CARES ABOUT MY FAMILY. WE ARE JUST ANOTHER POOR FAMILY FALLING THOUGH THE CRACKS. WE WILL END UP IN THE HOMELESS SHELTER SOON. NOBODY CARES. 😦 That is how my life is going. I thought you all needed to know. Thank you for reading this. Bye Mary E Berens-Oney



• • Nobody Cares • •
• • Nobody Cares • •



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