Researchers Find Neurological Signature for Fibromyalgia – Counting My Spoons

If only there was a neurological signature for Fibromyalgia and they could just scan our brains and see that’s what we have. Maybe they can.

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Researchers Find Neurological Signature for Fibromyalgia

One thought on “Researchers Find Neurological Signature for Fibromyalgia – Counting My Spoons

  1. I was told that Fibromyalgia is very real but it’s the front part of the brain malfunctioning about 10% and it’s telling the the part of the brain that lets your body know your in pain go into over drive and tells your nerve ends your mussels that your in such chronic pain and you feeling that pain but it’s not really it’s just the brain malfunction that’s doing it . So I said so it’s also given me 3 different forms of migraine 2are rare also I have fits due to one of my migraines also I’ve a heart block ! Angina type 2 diabetici sleep Althea and it’s all down to my brain misfiring . I must have one hell of a brain . They try to say it’s NFD . They do like there boxes when they don’t have the answers . The brain is such a brilliantly complex computer and they will admit they still know so little about it . I take my hat off to the doctors to try find answers but why not ask someone who knows about the brain they trying to treat US . Use us we live with everything every day so we answer questions we have trifles done but we are the ones who live with this hell morning noon and night . Don’t dismiss us as if we don’t know anything . I know we must listen to the doctors as well because a lot is right what they trying to say but sometimes they way off the mark and must start hearing to what we are trying to tell them to help them . Sorry for going on I’m lucky I’m under fantastic set of specialist I class as family they listen to me we talk things out . I do trials if it won’t help me it may help younger people by what they learnt from doing scans and data . We must work together it’s the only way . Pauline x

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