Hello Everyone: I thought I would tell you how my life is going. We had a CPS problem last year. They took my Granddaughter in May 2015. What CPS did to us would make you all SICK !!! One thing they did was make us so poor. We had to move out of our good house into a very crappy house. This Crappy House Turned In A Living Nightmare !!! Here is the list: 1. We did not know the house had “Bed Bugs” in it. 2. Mold growing between the Apartments. 3. The Floor Boards are really bad. 4. Totally unsafe for my Granddaughter to come visit. 5. We have lost all of our Furniture to the “Bed Bugs” !!! Some of our Furniture I am have since BIRTH !!! It is all gone now. 6. The Landlords could care less about us. 7. This last weekend we got a flood of water in the basement. Which we got blamed for. We had nothing to do with it. 8. We have drug dealers breaking into the basement to deal their drugs. I told the Landlords. I have call the Police. 9. The thermostat in the house doesn’t work right at all. It is so cold in here I can see my breath. The Heater in this house is not balanced RIGHT. ( I suffer from Fibromyalgia and I need to stay WARM.) 10. Now I am watching my Sweet Husband work his butt off. Then come home and sleep with the “Bed Bugs” !!! 11. We have the funds to move now. Nobody wants us. DUE TO THE CPS CRAP. !!! All my Family wants is a good place to live. Warm and Dry for me to feel better !!! Nobody Deserved To Live Like This !!! My Husband and I are both disable. He has Parkinson’s and still works everyday. I have called everyone I know that could help us. Nobody wants to help. They could all care less. This is what my thinking has become. NOBODY CARES ABOUT MY FAMILY. WE ARE JUST ANOTHER POOR FAMILY FALLING THOUGH THE CRACKS. WE WILL END UP IN THE HOMELESS SHELTER SOON. NOBODY CARES. 😦 That is how my life is going. I thought you all needed to know. Thank you for reading this. Bye Mary E Berens-Oney



• • Nobody Cares • •
• • Nobody Cares • •


• • • Living In A Nightmare • • •

Hello Friends & Followers: I thought it was time for me to stop by and let you know how my Family is.  

1st: March 2015 – CPS comes into our lives and ruins our lives. They took our Granddaughter for no good reason. CPS made us spend money we did not have. Got us thrown out of the place we were living at due to their lies. We were forced to move into this Apartment from Hell !!! I asked questions about the Apartment.  Since Cleveland has had a huge problem with “Bed Bugs”.  The Biggest Question I asked was. Does This Apartment Have “Bed Bugs” ? The Landlords said “NO” !! They lied though their teeth just to get this Apartment RENTED !!! How Sad 😦 😦 !!! 

2nd: How do you live in an Infested Apartment ? We have tried to Clean and Get Rid Of Them !!! They keep coming back !!! Without the Landlords helping !!! They have refused flat-out !!! I have called our “Health Dept. They did nothing to them !!! It is not easy when you have Fibromyalgia !! Which is an Autoimmune Disease !! My body is full of “Bed Bugs” bites and scares now !!! My Husband suffers from Parkinson’s and works his ass off for the Family. Now he is forced to sleep in a bed that is Infested !! Our bed is 100 % Full !!! How do you watch your Husband of 31 yrs sleep that way without crying 😥 😥 !!! My Family doesn’t deserves this !!! My Husband and I are getting old. My Daughter that lives with us doesn’t deserves this at all !! Nobody doesn’t deserve this kinda of Treatment from Landlords !!! They could care less 😦 😦 !!! 

3rd: I am losing my Faith in Humanity !!! I sent up a GoFundMe Account up about 3 months ago to get out of this Apartment !!! Nobody cares !! The “Bed Bugs” have ruined all of our Furniture !!! We are a Poor Family !! We can’t afford to buy new stuff !!! What do we sleep on or sit at when we get a new place !!! ??? How do people just close their eyes and not see what is happening to My Family !!! ??? All I am asking for is a little Help !!! Someone Please Help Us !! ??? 

4th: My health is not good. The Fibromyalgia is taking over my body more and more each day. My pain is so bad that all I want to do is “Hide” !!! One this you all should know about having Fibromyalgia !!! There are three thing we can’t live without !!! 1. Good Comfy Chair To Sit In 2. Good Warm and Clean Bed To Sleep In 3. Warm and Clean House or Apartment to live in !!! All of that has been taken away from me due to the Infestation of the “Bed Bugs” !!! That is No Way To Live !!!

5th: In Closing: My Family and I don’t deserve to live this way. We are a good Military Family !! Go Navy 🙂 Good in our Neighborhood !!!  We have never been in any kinda of Trouble !!! All we are asking is for people to help us out ? We did not ask for this problem !!! The Landlords did not do their JOBS !!! As I said before !!! They could care less about us !!! If you can help !!! I am leaving our GoFundMe Account Info in this blog posting !!! Thank you for reading my blog !!! Try to have a good week !!! Hugs & Love To You All Xo  Thank You 🙂 Bye Mary   


Living Nightmare
Living Nightmare


The Timeline Of A Medical Kidnapping: Hayley Joy Oney-Musselman

Hayley Joy Oney-Musselman
Hayley Joy Oney-Musselman


Erin was targeted due to her being in “Foster Care” in Arkansas. During the time of December 27, 1995 – January 10, 1996 !!! When Erin took Hayley to the Hospital the first time. They ( CPS ) check Erin’s history !! When they found out she was in “Foster Care” in Arkansas !!! That is why they took Hayley away from her !! When your child is put in “Foster Care” they have a “Red Flag” on them the rest of there lives !!! So when Hayley has Children !!! Her Children will have the same “Red Flag” !!! Is this RIGHT ??? NO !!! Did you know that your paying for this out of your “Tax Dollars” ??? It is time you all asked yourself these question ??? The things I have found out this last week would scare all of you to DEATH !!! We really don’t own our Children !!! The State DOES !!! This really “Pisses Me Off” !! It is time we took our Children back and started to “Fight For Their Future” !!! CPS is NOT TO BE TRUSTED !!! PERIOD !!!!!

Erin’s Story: Hayley Joy Oney was born on February 5th, 2015. Her weight was 8 lbs 4 oz 19 inches long. She was born at 3:02 am. We brought her home on February 6th, 2015. When we brought her home we knew we had to get her Insurance. Due to a paperwork loss we never got that Insurance for her. ( The Social Services loss our paperwork. We never knew this at all) !!! In the middle of March she got really sick. Erin took her to the Hospital for the first time. She got diagnosed with Infant Reflux. She stayed at the Hospital for a week. She finally came home for 3 days. Erin took her to her Doctors appointment. The Doctor sent her back to The Hospital again. Her 2nd time at the Hospital. She has loss weight again. Erin and Hayley stayed at the Hospital again for another week. She finally came home again. She was home for 5 days. Erin took her to the Doctors again. She has loss weight again. Erin took her back to the Hospital again. Her 3rd time at the Hospital. Her first Social Worker took us if her is at another Hospital we are going to take her away from YOU !! Well we all finally had enough of Cleveland Clinic !!! I called my Lawyer. I asked if we could take her to another Hospital to get a 2nd opinion. He said “Yes” !! We thought about what the Social worker told us about them taking her away from Erin. We weighted everything. Erin finally made her mind up. We took her to University Hospital and Rainbow Babies. ( By this time we have a new Social Worker ) This would be her 4th time at the Hospital since birth. We knew risks of doing this. Erin needed some answers she was not getting from Cleveland Clinic. We finally got some answers about Hayley’s health. She has a bad Infant Reflux, Water On The Brian and Hypotonic Cerebral Palsy. On May 18th, 2015 we were informed that there was a meeting at The Social workers office about Hayley !! What a meeting !!! They had their minds made up before we even got there !!! We still did not have Insurance for her. Erin had been running to Hospital to Hospital for about two months. So how was so suppose to get Insurance ???? Erin had done everything that the Doctor’s told her to do with Hayley. On May 19th, 2015 we has court for the first time. Since the Father was not there they could not hold court. So on May 20th, 2015 we finally had court. They took her away from Erin. What the Social Worker did is bring my Bipolar into all of this. One thing you all should know is. I have not had a bad Bipolar episode since Jan. Feb. 1997 !!! What the Social Worker did is against the Law !!! http://health.state.tn.us/hipaa/ !!! When they took Hayley away from Erin she was devastated. She now has been branded “Unfit Mother” !!! Which should never happened. Erin is a good Mother !!! She loves Hayley so much. WE miss Hayley so much it hurts. She should be HOME where she belongs. So I decided to start the Group on Facebook !! We can’t say anything on our timelines anymore. Social services are now watching everything we do online now. Which is so STUPID !!! We just want her HOME !!! What the state did does have a name !!! It is called “Medical Kidnapping” http://medicalkidnap.com/ !! This is happening all over The United States !!! Time we all stand up and say this is VERY WRONG !!! I just hope you all understand why we want her back SOON !! Social Services needs a Reform big time !!! Thank you for reading this !! Your support and understanding are appreciated !!!  

Erin’s Timeline:
March 18, 2015 ·
I’m taking Hayley to the ER shes not doing good. I hope shes gonna be okay. I’ll let everyone know whats up later!
March 18, 2015 ·
Just got home from the hospital. Hayley has to stay over night. She has acid reflux and she was dehydrated. So they want to make sure she’ll be okay. But told me to go home and rest. I’ll be going back tomorrow to get her and see if shes better. I’m really worried about her still. So please pray for us!
March 19, 2015 ·
About to eat something, get dressed, and go and get my daughter. I miss her so much. It felt weird without her here last night. But it was a good thing she stayed. I want her back in my arms!!!!

March 21, 2015 · I hope she can come home today..

Fairview Hospital Pediatric Unit.
March 21, 2015 · Cleveland, OH, United States ·
Chilling at the hospital. Ugh! Shes staying another night. I miss my daughter home!

Fairview Hospital Pediatric Unit. With Kevin T Oney
March 21, 2015 · Cleveland, OH, United States ·
Kso, shes staying another night at the hospital. I just want my baby home! Ugh!
feeling blessed. March 22, 2015 · Kevin T. Oney and Mary E. Berens-Oney.
Going home now!!!!!
March 22, 2015 ·
I need a nap but I’m spending time with my baby girl! I needed this!!!! 🙂 thank you Fairview Hospital for helping her!
March 23, 2015 ·
Doctor appointment for Hayley tomorrow.

March 24, 2015 · My tummy hurts so badly! Ugh. But gotta take Hayley to her doctors today. I can do this…
March 24, 2015 · Ready for her appointment! This is the appointment that Erin and Hayley got Kidnapped the first time. The Doctor would not let her come home for her meds or after pregnancy care stuff. The Security Guard took the Stroller away from me and did not give it back until the Ambulance came. My Daughter was crying her eyes out over the phone to me. I could not find her or Hayley for 2 1/2 hours !!! This upset me and my Husband. Finally found her sitting in a hall waiting for a ROOM !! The Doctor told us they all ready had a ROOM for her !! They LIED !!! ( I offered to take her to the Hospital !! The Doctor said “NO” !! What a BITCH !!! )
stressed. March 24, 2015 · I seriously need to get away for awhile. Stressing out too much! I’m not gonna get any sleep or anything tonight!!!!! Oh I’m back at the hospital again with Hayley! Lost weight again!!!!
March 25, 2015 · Instagram · Yep! Back at the hospital, but the main campus downtown. Who wants to stay with me tomorrow night if I’m still here? My dad is staying here tonight!!!!
exhausted. March 25, 2015 · Might try and sleep while Hayley is sleeping. Even though I’m running on coffee right now…
March 25, 2015 · Instagram · So tired…But Hayley comes first!
March 25, 2015 · Feeding time. I gotta see if I’m staying another night and if i do who wants to stay with me! I prefer a girl!!!!!! Hmu…
March 25, 2015 · So Hayley is gonna have a baby boy sharing a room with us. Let’s see how this is gonna go!!!!!!!!
March 25, 2015 · Gonna be off of Facebook for awhile until everything is done and over with my daughter. If you need me kik or text me! I’m not getting rid of Facebook. Facebook is stressing me out right now!!!!!
blessed. March 26, 2015 · My daughter doesn’t like the nurses taking care of her because shes more fussy. Lol. She loves me!
exhausted. March 27, 2015 · Cleveland, OH, United States · I’m so tired, but i can’t sleep. She keeps crying because she doesn’t want nobody to put her down!
March 27, 2015 · Cleveland, OH, United States · She might be going home today. Only if she gained more weight! Pray that she did!!!!!
exhausted. March 27, 2015 · Cleveland, OH, United States · Staying at the hospital over the weekend…. Ugh!
exhausted. March 27, 2015 · Cleveland, OH, United States · Waiting for my dad to get out of work soon then seeing when hes coming up here. I miss friends, my house, and bed!!!!
March 27, 2015 · Cleveland, OH, United States · It feels like i live at the hospital. I seriously wanna stay home for a month.
March 27, 2015 · Cleveland, OH, United States · After the next feeding I’m taking a shower, waking my dad up, and sleeping for a little!
March 28, 2015 · She gained a little bit more weight. But there’s a good chance she might go home Monday. I hope so! I want my baby home!!!!
March 28, 2015 · Cleveland, OH, United States · So my dad is leaving tomorrow and I’m being serious about this and I’ll love whoever comes and chills with me for awhile tomorrow! I miss friends!
feeling excited. March 30, 2015 · Cleveland, OH, United States · Got dressed to start my crazy day!!!! I hope my daughter comes home today!
feeling excited at Cleveland Clinic Children’s. March 30, 2015 · Cleveland, OH, United States Getting ready to get discharged!!!!
feeling excited at Cleveland Clinic Children’s. March 30, 2015 · Cleveland, OH, United States · Bbl! Going home!
This was the BEST BIRTHDAY PRESENT I HAVE EVER GOTTEN !!! My Granddaughter HOME !!! My Birthday is March 31st !!!
April 14, 2015 · Hello: This is Erin’s Mother. Hayley is going back to The Hospital. She lost 3 Oz. So they are sending her back to The Hospital. We don’t know which one yet. I will try to keep you all posted. Erin ask for prayers and good thoughts. If anybody needs to know anything else. Erin is also asking for rides. If anybody can!! Please inbox me ( Mary E. Berens-Oney) !!! Thank You .. Mary ( The 2nd she got Kidnapped by the same Doctor. They did the same thing like before. This time they had a Taxi take them. WE could not find them for 3 1/2 hours !!! They Lied AGAIN !!! Finally found her and Hayley in the hall AGAIN WAITING !!! NO FOOD OR ANYTHING FOR ERIN !!! I was home with Kevin CRYING OUR EYES OUT. Asking how does this happen in the USA !! When did we become a “Police State” !!! ???? )
Cleveland Clinic Children’s. April 14, 2015 · Cleveland, OH, United States ·
This is a serious post. Who can bring me some food. I haven’t ate all day and I need to eat so I can have energy. Hit this chick up if you can!!!
feeling blessed. April 17, 2015 · UPDATE!!!!!!! She has been good lately. Feeding her and she falls right to sleep. I hope this goes like this for awhile.
feeling blessed. April 17, 2015 · Me&Hayley slept pretty good last night! Whooo! Shes doing good just hope she gained a lot more weight!!!!!
April 17, 2015 · Cleveland, OH, United States · Thought she was gonna come home today or whatever but i guess not….
feeling pissed off. April 17, 2015 · This shit is making me pissed! Ugh!
feeling thankful. April 18, 2015 · She gains 9lbs 7oz! She went up two ozs from yesterday! Yay!
April 18, 2015 · Shes home!!!!!
This is when the old CPS Worker told Erin that if Hayley is back in the Hospital again !!!! The State Will TAKE HER !!!! After that we got a New CPS Worker !!! What A Lying Piece of SHIT SHE IS !!!
April 20, 2015 · About to get Hayley ready for her doctor appointment!
feeling blessed. April 20, 2015 · Just got back from her appointment. She gained 2 ozs! Yay! So now shes 9lbs9oz almost 10lbs! Next week her other appointment!
feeling blessed. April 21, 2015 · Hayleys nurse came today and now she gains 9lbs11oz. Almost to that 10lbs mark! Yay!
feeling blessed.April 28, 2015 · She now gains 10lbs4oz! She gained a lot!!!! Yay. Next week another appointment and i hope in don’t see them for a month!!!!!
By this time Erin and I had fired the Home Nurse and Doctor !!! CPS did not like this AT ALL !!! WE did this because they were all making Erin feel like an Unfit Mother !!! They would say things to her no young mother should ever hear !!! It pissed me and Husband OFF !!!
feeling blessed. May 6, 2015 · Took Hayley outside when it first started to rain and liked it and laughed about it until the thunder started. I felt bad sorta. But she likes rain!
feeling tired.May 9, 2015 · I’m so tired but soon gotta feed Hayley. She did very great last night and i was so happy. Then after go to bed. I hope she sleeps to night!!!!!
May 9, 2015 · I cannot wait until Hayley can walk by herself so i can take her to the creek and have fun in the parks!
feeling exhausted. May 9, 2015 · Once Hayley goes to bed I’m going to bed. Had a long day but i had fun today and yesterday. I hope tomorrow is gonna stay good. I need a good weekend!!!!!
May 10, 2015 · I like to say happy mother day im so happy we have hayley she my world word i will do everything for our daughter when u tell me u pregnant i was so happy i will be there u and hayley nothing will change that i want to say thank u for hayley. ( THE FAMILY MEETING: We had all decided that Hayley needed to go back to the Hospital !!! Not back to Cleveland Clinic !!! WE needed more answers why Hayley was not doing right !!! Something else was WRONG !!! Something CC missed !!! So we all decided to take her to University Hospital !!! Even with the Threat !!! Erin had to know !!! She had the RIGHT TO KNOW !!! )
Mary E Berens-Oney feeling exhausted with Erin Courtney Oney.
May 13, 2015 ·
◇♡◇ Hello My Dear Friends. Been one busy day here. Hayley is back in the Hospital ( UH Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital ) Better than the last one she was in. They are going to run testes that the one did not do. I have a good feeling about this Hospital. I think we are finally going to get some answers. We Can Only HOPE. So everyone pray for good results. I am going to bed soon. I am WIPED-OUT. You all have a Great Thursday. Talk To Everyone Soon. I Love and Care About All Of You. Good Night From Cleveland.Bye ◇♡◇
feeling blessed. May 15, 2015 ·
She might go home on Monday and she has two more tests! ( That next Tuesday the State Took Hayley )
May 15, 2015 · Oh i forgot to post this. She now weights 11lbs! Whooo!
May 17, 2015 · I hate hospitals! I wanna be home! Ugh!
Feeling emotional. May 18, 2015 · Today is gonna be a long day. I just wanna hide under the covers
May 18, 2015 · Okay her ultrasound tests came back. She has extra fluid in her head that why it looks big. I’ll know more later!
May 18, 2015 · She needs physical therapy for her neck!!!
feeling emotional. May 18, 2015 · I really need a break from reality. ( This is after I called her about The Staffing Meeting With CPS. I had Kevin ( My Husband ) go get her from University Hospital. They wanted her out-of-the-way. CPS took control of Hayley at 8:00 pm that night. Erin’s world went to shit that night also!!! )
May 18, 2015 · I need prayers! Don’t wanna get into details right now. I just need them!!!!!
May 18, 2015 This is the last time Erin got to be with Hayley in her Custody. She came home and got ready for the Staffing. Nobody slept a wink !!!Staffing went as we all knew it would !!! BAD !!!!
May 19, 2015 Hayley is now gone !!! We have no idea where she is !!! Erin and I are flipping out !!! She goes to a Foster Home for 2 months. In those two months she is Bitten and Poke On. I have pictures of the bit marks. The Social Worker said “ They were blemishes” !!! Yeah RIGHT !!! I know what a bit marks looks like. Keep in mind Hayley is only 3 months old. Nobody to speak for her !!!
May 20, 2015 · All I’m gonna say is that I’m going through a rough time right now. Whoever wants to know whats going on and won’t post on Facebook inbox, kik, or text me!!!!!!!
May 21, 2015 · Whoever tries and comes up to me about their problems i can’t help you right now. I’m going though something right now. I still love you guys!
feeling bummed. May 25, 2015 · Damn! I miss my baby girl so much! Hayley Joy Oney-Musselman, I love you baby girl!!!!!!
May 26, 2015 · Went to go see my baby girl! It was a good visit! Cannot wait to see her again!!!!!!
May 27, 2015 · Family will always come first no matter what. Mommy and daddy love you, Hayley!
feeling bummed. May 28, 2015 · Today would’ve been a good day to take Hayley to the park. Ugh! I miss her so much!!!!
May 29, 2015 · I hope my baby girl is looking at the same moon.. I wanna hold her!
feeling excited. May 30, 2015 · The only reason i want Monday to come is cause i want to see my daughter! feeling sad.
May 31, 2015 · Everyone is posting pics of their little ones is making me miss mines! Ugh! Hayley I’m doing all i can do bring you back!
I had to stop there !! I was crying too much remembering everything !!! Erin has gone though hell the last year. So I am the One fighting her fight online !!! So when this is all over !!! I am going public in my BLOG !!! I am going to let loose on OHIO and THE WORLD !!!! I am not in it in for me !!! I am in it for all of those poor kids out there !!! Time for CPS to be SHUT DOWN !!! OR REFORMED !!!!! This is a TRUE STORY !!! It is happening all over the World. I have joined forces with like-minded Activists . Just so I have someone in my corner !!!
We had the last Court date on May 9th. The State Of Ohio give Full Custody to the other Grandmother and Grandfather. They have deemed me an unfit Grandmother due to me having Bipolar Disorder. They have no clue who I am or my Husband. They did even TRY to see or know us. They all ready had there minds made up way before all this happened. We are just happy that Hayley is with Family !!!! NO FOSTER HOME !!!
Thank you all for reading this note. Please comment below. You all have a good day. Just pray for the Children out there in CPS CARE !!! They need all the prayers they can get !! God Bless You All 🙂 Bye Mary